Jondal is a picturesque village located on the west side of the Folgefonna glacier, close to the Hardangerfjord. The population of Jondal is primarely occupied within agriculture, industry, power and tourism. Jondal is uniquely situated between the glacier and the Hardanger fjord and has one of the very few roads in Europe where you can drive right up to a glacier.

The village has a small but good service selection with two grocery stores, gas station, marina, bank, restaurants and several types of lodging.

Until recently, the only mainland connection to Jondal came trough Road 550 from Utne, in addition to the ferry connection Jondal-Tørvikbygd. But by autumn 2012 the new Jondal Tunnel (Jondalstunnelen) was completed and the travel time from Rosendal, Odda and the East-/South-mainland was shortened by 1 hour.

Since Jondal for long was an end stop on the mainland road, the village avoided mass tourism and is today a true treasure for tourists with its unique character, nature and activities.

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