Rates for alpine ski teams 2018:

Valid for teams/athletes with training lanes. In 2018 we're introducing a better deal for multi-day ski passes for athletes. The new lift passes will also be flexible, with 4-days slack. This comes in handy in case of bad weather or just a day off. 

Skipass All ages 
1-day 320,-
2-days 610,-
3-days 900,-
4-days 1200,-
5-days 1490,-
6-days 1780,-
7-days 2070,-
8-days 2360,-
9-days 2650,-
10-days 2940,-
11-days 3220,-
12-days 3490,-
Season pass 4500,-
Coach 150,-

Please note:

  • When booking a private training lane, if less than 10 racers, a lane fee on NOK 500,- per day will be applied (only when pisting the lane).
  • The season pass is valid until 26th of August and is personal.

Coach ski passes:

  • 10 athletes, 1 free coach skipass and 2 coaches for 150,- each
  • 15 athletes, 2 free coach skipasses and 2 coaches for 150,- each
  • 30 athletes, 3 free coach skipasses and 4 coaches for 150,- each


Fonna deliver salt for use in training lanes.

  • Small 25kg sack NOK 120,-,
  • Large 1000kg sack NOK 3700,- including transport to the top of the course.
  • Base-salting of GS/SL course NOK 300,- + NOK 3,7,- pr.kg. salt (usually 250kg salt per course pr day).

Salting is optional and you decide the amount to be used. Please contact us for solutions. 

Super-G course (extra long with snow mobile tow, app +1.20min):

Start-up fee on NOK 5000,- for building, grooming and base salting twice will be applied for the extra long SG-lane with the start above the ski lift. When grooming and base salting the track after start-up, this costs NOK 3400,- per day. Alternatively you can re-set the gates and hand-salt or machine salt from the side, to save costs. 


  • Rental of cat machine to build jumps / adjust terrain: kr. 1800,- per hour.
  • Snow mobile rental: kr. 900,- per hour (including gasoline/oil)
  • You can rent SL break-away and SL LISKI gates at Fonna - 1 lane with gates NOK 400,- pr day.

Contact booking@visitfonna.no for reservations of lanes and more information.